Benefits of mobile grooming

  1. Faster services
  2. Less stress on pet
  3. Watch entire grooming process
  4. Personalized attention for your pet or pets
  5. Real pet shampoo
  6. Hand Drying with air dryer
  7. No other dogs
  8. No Cages
  9. Absolute Convenience
  10. Watch entire grooming process
  11. Personalized attention for your pet or pets
  12. Real pet shampoo
  13. Hand Drying with air dryer
  14. No other dogs
  15. No Cages
  16. Absolute Convenience

Learn More About Groomers Direct Mobile Pet Grooming: including Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming

Little Dogs

We groom and photograph small breed dogs (2-19 lbs.) and medium dogs (20 to 40 lbs.) with either a hair cut designed by you or one more specific for the breed.
Minimum is $45


Yes we groom domestic cats although some of the cats people claim to be domesticated don’t act like it during grooming
Cats start at $60


We do groom young dogs and puppies but we encourage you to make sure they have their Parvo shots. We want your business but not at the risk of any dogs life so please check with your vet if you have a 4 legged youngster in need of a grooming.
Depending on Weight and condition

Extra Large Dogs

We groom dogs up to 280 lbs providing they are not aggressive and there is access to water outside if they will not fit in tub in mobile grooming studio.
Weight + $10 if short hair and +$20-$45 if long if no matted hair. Prices very based on temperament

PET boarding

Please goto:

a day starts at 11 am and boarding starts at $25 a day a dog.



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