we love animals

Where I came from

I lived in Amsterdam Holland and did mainly photography there and New York City for 18 years or so. Alabama truly is a beautiful place with great people and my choice to settle in Marshall County was a great one. I look forward to serving the people and pets of Alabama for many years to come.

Why I came here

Before I came to Alabama I was living in Las Vegas Nevada and offered primarily Professional High-End image pet photography and was thankful to God for the way he had blessed my business then came the crash of 2008 which I had not planned for so like many I had to start over. My parents lived in Guntersville so it was a great place to not only build a business but get to know them better after being away from home for most of my adult life years.

This is Home

I have been working with people and their pets for over 35 years and work diligently to care for the pet and please their owners. I started Groomers Direct mobile pet grooming in 2008 in Guntersville Alabama. It has been such a pleasure serving the community of Marshall County in Alabama these past years and I look forward to many many more.

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